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Re: Tyrannosaurus third finger

Actually, there are now 2 specimens showing this (Pecks Rex and Wyrex). Both 
ONLY have a third metacarpal, no evidence of fingers, thus will not affect 
previous paintings and scultptures of rex.

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>>> Donna Braginetz <quailspg@frii.com> 15/Nov/04 >>>

Mike Taylor wrote:

>> Quiet on here, isn't it?  Is everyone still hung over from SVP?  And
does no-one have anything to discuss arising from what was presented
there, aside from two of Ken's buddies being tied together and thrown
into a swimming pool?

Okay then, I'd like to hear reactions to the third finger displayed on
the cast of the Peck's Rex manus. Did I miss previous discussion about
this on the list? I thought certain I'd hear people talking about it at
the meeting but nobody seemed very impressed.