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Re: Dinosaurs Changed My Life

<< I am interested in documenting testimonials by scientists of any
discipline whose first contact with dinosaur exhibits or images changed
their lives, compelling them to pursue careers in science or related fields.
Is there any published record of this phenomenon?>>

Hi Ralph,
Stephen Jay Gould states something along these lines about himself in
various books.  The one I'm presently re-reading is Dinosaurier in einem
Heuhaufen, and it was mentioned there.  I've never read the English version,
which is Dinosaur in a Haystack.

What may also be of interest, is the chapter of that book eulogising the
natural history museum in Dublin.  He refers to a group of boys who later
pursued various careers, whose formative years were partially spent in the
Natural History Museum in London.  One of these was Jonathan Miller, who
went on to do doctoring, Shakespearising, broadcasting and other stuff.
While not exactly dinosaurs, the experience was life enriching.