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Re: "Dinosaurs in bullet-proof vests" (joke)

"Some dinosaurs possessed a hard bony armoured shell similar to
today's crocodiles or tortoises - presumably to protect themselves
from enemies."

Stay tuned for the soon-to-be-described "Fallujahsaurus".

Mike Taylor wrote:

Seriously, I give it about half an hour before someone suggests that
the "armour" is in fact a sexual display structure.

Hmmm.... Maybe the body armor of ankylosaurs was a sexual display structure.

But seriously: if we could demonstrate that body armor showed some form of dimorphism in adult specimens, you could be on to something. Of course, I'm not actually suggesting that sexual selection was the ONLY use of ankylosaur body armor. Egad! But there's no reason why the body armor couldn't have been used for both protection against predators, and in intraspecific combat.

And does no-one have anything to discuss arising from what was presented

From another despondent stay-at-homer: I'll second that.