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RE: Dinosaurs Changed My Life

My story may be somewhat typical of other people from the South Dakota
region. . .my first encounter with dinosaurs was at the age of 4, when my
parents took me to see Dinosaur Park in Rapid City, South Dakota. This
wonderland of concrete dinosaurs (constructed in the 1930s as part of a WPA
project) was pretty astounding to me, especially at that young and
impressionable age. My parents bought me a set of plastic dinosaurs in the
gift shop, and these quickly became my favorite toys. On subsequent family
vacations to the Black Hills, we continued to visit the park; thus, I have
in my possession a great ontogenetic series of me with the concrete
Triceratops, at ages 4, 14, and 24!


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> Subject: Dinosaurs Changed My Life
> I am interested in documenting testimonials by scientists of any
> discipline
> whose first contact with dinosaur exhibits or images changed their lives,
> compelling them to pursue careers in science or related fields.  Is there
> any published record of this phenomenon?
> I am collecting these accounts in an effort to persuade the staff at the
> California Academy of Sciences -- www.calacademy.org -- (where I
> volunteer)
> to consider giving dinosaurs their due in the form of permanent exhibits
> when our institution returns to its permanent location with a brand new
> museum building in Golden Gate Park in 2008.
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