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RE: Dinosaurs Changed My Life

I first became interested in dinosaurs when my primary
school teacher Miss Olive read my class the book Megs
Eggs by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pieñkowski. Megs Eggs was
one of a series of Books starring Meg and Mog, a witch
and her cat (hmmm, maybe the creationists are on to
something here..) in which Meg magics up some giant
eggs for dinner, which later hatch into dinosaurs (a
Tyrannosaurus, a Stegosaurus and a Diplodocus). 
This was obviously part of a school project about,
well, eggs, but the dinosaurs fascinated me, and I
made this well known when I got home, drawing lots of
T. rexes and diplodocuses (if only I still had the
pictures...) Anyway, My parents, glad I'd found an
interest, took me to the Natural History Museum in
London, and started buying me dinosaur books, toys and
we went on visits to other museums (such as the
Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester). 
I must confess, I went off dinos a bit in the late
eighties/early nineties (I think it was all the
cartoons on the telly), but Jurassic Park reignited my
interest, as well as showing me that there were jobs
involving dinosaurs. 
When I told the school careers adviser this, she told
me not to be silly, and suggested genetic engineering
(the curse of Jurassic Park, I think). I ignored her,
as so many people did, and went on to study
palaeobiology at both Portsmouth and Bristol, and now
have a small range of consultancy jobs going on, as
well as the Dinowight website.

I know that the museum exhibits weren't the seed on my
interest, but they helped to maintain my interest and
actually seeing the bones of these amazing creatures
helped me stay interested. Indeed, I often go back
there, just to see them again and remind myself...

Simon M. Clabby
Dinowight - the Dinosaurs of the isle of Wight

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