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Dinosaurs Changed My Life: Instructions

Hello again, and please accept my apologies again for cross posting.

I want to thank everyone for all the great responses!

I would like to state, however, that I am most interested in reminiscences
which are linked to a statement that the natural history exhibits (or books,
or figures, or in Dr. Carpenter's case, Godzilla movies) got you hooked on
science, and if applicable, led you to a career in science, education, art,
or what have you, with some mention of that career in your letter. Don't
get me wrong -- it's great that we have such a fondness for these dead
things, but what is the happy result of this childhood fascination?

In other words, if dinosaurs (or other fossil life forms) did alter the
course of your life, just what have you ended up doing with yourself? There
is no need for a complete resume here; a brief note will do. If, unlike me,
you have made a positive contribution to society in your lifetime, whether
professionally or on a volunteer basis, then a statement to this effect
would be a definite plus, and you can think of your letter to me as a simple
gesture of thanks to the ancient lifeform of your choice for having inspired
and influenced you. Please bear in mind that I don't know every one of you,
and anyone who reads your letter in the future is even less likely than me
to know who you are.

As far as publishing these little stories, I have no plans to do so, but if
there is sufficient interest, perhaps one of us could volunteer to archive
the e-mails on a web page somewhere, assuming this is not a violation of
vrtpaleo list protocol.

Thanks again,