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Chicxulub not the smoking gun? (and some personal musings)

Full Story:

Gerta Keller of Princeton presented at the GSA meeting
earlier this month that new borehole evidence from the
Chicxulub site indicate that the meteor struck about
300,000 years before the K-T boundary and the
associated extinction event.  
Anyone got any thoughts on this?

So, if Chicxulub was too early, where'd the iridium
layer come from?  Date of the iridium layer 300,000
years off?  A second impact (which the article quotes
S. Lucas from New Mexico as stating as likely)?  If
so, where?  the alleged Shiva Crater?  volcanism? 
little green men?

Some personal musings now:
Looking at popular media dinosaur news to be releaced
recently (last few weeks), I have noticed something. 
Most of the press reports are from the GSA meeting,
and very few (if any at all) are from SVP.  It would
seem to me that the optimal place for dinosaur news
would be SVP, and yet there seem sto be no mention of
Ken Dial's WAIR, Sander's insular dwarf brachiosaurid,
or Seller's speedy tyrannosaurs.  Certainly this can't
be entirely due to non-disclosure agreements with the
JVP.  What's the deal?

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