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Re: Dinosaurs Changed My Life: Instructions

Dear Ralph and List,

    I just had to ad my input to all this,

    My earliest childhood memories involve prehistoric animals. I still have
recollections of furiously trying to copy Charles R. Knight's Chicago Field
House murals from my grandparents 1947 encyclopedia.
    My older brother John and I where introduced to the Aurora model kit
company's Prehistoric Scenes series of 1/12th and 1/13th scale snap together
plastic kits in 1971, when I was five and John was 11.John went on to become
a top antique model kit dealer for just over 25 years, intil ebay swallowed
his business a few years back. I went on to have a successful career as a
professional sculptor specializing in, well, prehistoric scenes.
    On a side note, John is still involved with dinosaurs, or at least their
relatives. avocationally, he is a head honcho with the Bird Watchers
Association , San Bernadino County chapter, and vocationally works as an
Enviremental Consultant. His job is primarily to stick it to The Man when
they try to build on protected bird sites.He says he loves his job. I love
mine too.
    Oh, and I still have all of my Prehistoric Scenes Kits.Or what's left of

Cliff Green