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Re: Chicxulub not the smoking gun?   (and some personal musings)

In a message dated 11/16/2004 1:20:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, Eric Allen 
<erallen@yahoo.com> writes:

>Some personal musings now:
>Looking at popular media dinosaur news to be releaced
>recently (last few weeks), I have noticed something. 
>Most of the press reports are from the GSA meeting,
>and very few (if any at all) are from SVP.  It would
>seem to me that the optimal place for dinosaur news
>would be SVP, and yet there seem sto be no mention of
>Ken Dial's WAIR, Sander's insular dwarf brachiosaurid,
>or Seller's speedy tyrannosaurs.  Certainly this can't
>be entirely due to non-disclosure agreements with the
>JVP.  What's the deal?

At least some of the information in the press comes from the SVP press 
conference.  One item in the newspapers which covers it is:
and that talks about Kevin Padian's talk on frills for species recognition, 
Jack Horner's talk on T. rex and its growth patterns, and Dave Unwin's talk on 
pterosaurs being ready to fly just about as soon as they hatched. The press 
can't just report on talks at random. 

Bulletin from a friend who actually attended the press conference:
-Padian's frill talk
-Horner and Padian's T. rex presentation
-David Unwin's Born to Fly: how hatchling pterosaurs took to the skies
-a talk about using helicopters in the field
- extinction of Ice Age mammals in Siberia