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RE: (and some personal musings)

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> Michael Lovejoy
> Eric Allen wrote: "Seller's speedy tyrannosaurs".
> You can't just leave a comment like that hanging in the air!Can somebody 
> please tell us what this is about? Which
> tyrannosaurs? Just how speedy is speedy? What's the evidence?

It was a computer simulation, rather than a particular new set of fossil 
evidence.  The work used evolutionary algorithms (ones
which go through a test, modfiy the algorithm, rerun the test, and so forth to 
search for optimal solutions). Absolute values were
variable, given the different modelling parameters. General gist of it, though, 
was that 10 m/s was likely using this simulation.

> BTW, in another post Tom Holtz christened himself "King of the Dinogeeks". 
> Now come on, if my fellow Dinogeeks and I are
> going to have a king, I at least want to vote on it! (and if you want my 
> vote, Tom, just tell me about Seller's speedy
> tyrannosaurs!)

To quote Arthur, King of the Britons: You don't vote for king.

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