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Re: largest flying bird

On 19/11/04 10:51 am, "Ian Paulsen" <birdbooker@zipcon.net> wrote:

> HI:
> I was wondering if someone could come up the scientific name of the
> largest bird known to fly?

The biggest I've heard of is _Argentavis magnificens_ (Teratornithidae), for
which http://www.grisda.org/origins/07087.htm  and
www.kenozoicum.nl/database/argentavis.html both give me a wingspan of around
8m (sorry I don't have any article references).
    Other contenders are the Pelagornithidae.
http://yerf.com/gibsroz/gullsmall.jpg is a pretty good picture of the size
:-). http://www.evowiki.org/index.php/Pelecaniformes mentions an estimate of
wingspan of up to 6m.


        Christopher Taylor