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Kong/Dino Tidbits

>From a movie news site,  just to keep expectations from running away...

Hey Harry,

Here's the backstory. I work for a very large company that is looking to
do some advertising tie-ins with some upcoming movies. So far Sony
Pictures has already presented. They showed a trailer to the new Bewitched
movie, I didn't get to catch that.

However, after Sony left. The next presenter was Universal. And right of
the bat, they used the biggest gun in their arsenal. Big as in 25-foot
tall gorilla big. Yes, we're talking KONG. There was no trailer. The
3-minute video I saw was an interview with Peter Jackson. The video also
showed a lot of behind the scenes work and artist renderings, mainly on
the KONG himself.

Bare with me, this is what I can remember.

1. KONG will be 25-feet tall.

2. KONG will be motion-captured by an actual actor. Exactly like what was
done with Gollum. No actor was named.

3. KONG will have scars on his body. Especially a very large one across
the right side of his face. Peter Jackson explains that reason for the
scars is that KONG has been in a battle for survival his entire life on
his home. The scar was given to him by an evolved T-Rex (I get to this

4. There will be dinosaurs in this movie. Peter Jackson said that it was
fun creating new dinosaurs. Jackson also said that the dinosaurs in this
movie are not historically accurate, but then how accurate is a 25-foot

5. A short animatic was shown of KONG fighting a T-Rex. Basically, KONG
hits the T-Rex with a back hand and then wrestles the T-Rex to the ground.

Well, that's it for now. Fox is coming in next with their Robots and
Fantastic Four stuff.