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Re: Ceratopsian integument

Holy Jehosephatz! An artist is actually attempting to get dinosaur skin right!

There are a few images of ceratopsian skin available aside from the aforementioned _Chasmosaurus_ paper. Check out the following:

Figure 8 in "Skin" by Stephen Czerkas in Currie & Padian's _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs," for a photo of _Chasmosaurus_ skin, with its characteristic rosette pattern of 3" diameter disc-shaped tubercles surrounded by polygonal tubercles. The article also mentions skin fossils of _Centrosaurus_, _Triceratops_, and _Psittacosaurus_.

_Chasmosaurus_ skin photo (captioned simply "Fossilized dinosaur skin. Courtesy of the National Museums of Canada.") on page 37 of _The New Dinosaur Dictionary_.

Photo on p. 41 in "Skinning the Dinosaur" by Don (sorry Brian!) Lessem, _Discover_, March 1989.

Cast of _Triceratops_ skin (lacking the rosette pattern, but displaying excellent detail) at http://www.stonecompany.com/fossils/casts/dinosaur/other/data.html#anchorskin.

For artist's _Triceratops_ restorations featuring the rosettes, I recommend:

Figure 2-1, page 29, _Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_, by Gregory S. Paul.

_Triceratops_ (bronze) by Brian Cooley, page 138, _Dinosaur Imagery: the Lanzendorf Collection_.

Pages 224-225 and back cover, by Mark Hallett, _Dinosaurs: a Global View_, by Sylvia and Stephen Czerkas.

Stephen Czerkas also created a meticulously detailed life size _Styracosaurus_ sculpture that was featured in the traveling exhibit, "Dinosaurs: A Global View."

The precise layout and texture of _Triceratops_ tubercles is unknown, but _Triceratops_ integument was probably more like that of _Chasmosaurus_ than the pelt of _Psittacosaurus_ (see illustration and commentary at http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/h/b/hbaeder/psittacosaurus.jpg.html -- what the !?). %^)

"Dino Guy" Ralph W. Miller III
Docent at the California Academy of Sciences
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