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Re: Denver 2004 SVP remembrances

> The auction raised $17,700, with generous  bids not only on the signed
> Dinosauria II and the men of SVP calendar but on an  inflatable stegosaur, a
> bronze 
> Archaeopteryx plaque, various casts of teeth,  prints and other treasures.
> The superhero theme was fun; the Batman  logo and music gave a dramatic start
> to 
> the program.  Brent and Ralph and  the others did a fine job of upping the
> bidding and keeping the energy  going.  One thing that gave me an
> uncomfortable 
> feeling was the auctioning  of the scientific illustration services of a young
> lady, when one of the "bad  guy characters" stood on the stage with her,
> holding her arms behind her  back.

That was me.  I'm sorry; I was just trying to get into the superhero theme.
They also lost my donation form so it was rather inpromtu and no one knew
about it.  I was pretty nervous, but I had a good time (except for my low
winning bid) and I was approached by several people who said they admired my
guts and one who had a job possibility for a children's book-not what I was
auctioned off for, but what I wanted!

> A big thank you to Ken Carpenter  and the host committee for the food at the
> museum and the banquet.   Delicious food and lots of it in various locations
> during the welcome reception  put everyone in a good mood. Similarly, for once
> the banquet food was edible and  not quivering.

I was rather disenfranchsied by the food at the Adam's Mark.  Several plates
on the stack at the DML breakfast buffet were noticably greasy and the
strawberries were slightly moldy.  They seemed to have used the same
strawberries at the poster session cheese display, only these had longer to
cook and developed large patches of mold that spread their flavor to several
other items like the yellow peppers and some kinds of cheese.  Some of the
meat in the antipasto display tasted terrible but I think that was a
cultural thing.
I also had a bad run-in with a smug hotel person who refused to refill the
hot water by the coffee when it was out.  He said we only ordered 70 gallons
of tea and once it ran out he could not get anymore until 11:00.  But, he
said, "hot water comes complimentary with the tea."  I tried to explain to
him that he didn't need to bring more tea bags out, just go to the bathroom
and fill up the water, but he would not hear of it.  The basket of tea bags,
by the way, was nearly full.  I was also getting a bad sore throat and was
terribly pissed off by this and did not have faith that the hot water at the
other two tables would last much longer.
By contrast, the Adam's Mark banquet tasted really great.  And food at DMNS
is always wonderful.

I had a blast over all meeting quite a few people and learning new things,
and definately have a new goal for next year, although I am now rather broke
after finding the book tables.

~Tiffany Miller

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