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Adasaurus materials

Good day dear DML members,
I have some problems with Adasaurus materials. I know that there is an 
excellent mail to DML of Mickey Mortimer about 
Adasaurus(dml.cmnh.org/2000Sep/msg00191.html). But I still have problems.
According to Barsbold, 1983 (I haven t got this reference yet so I use the 
following: ravenel.si.edu/paleo/paleoglot/index.cfm).
  Holotype:  IGM 100/20: incomplete skull and remains of the postcranial 
skeleton; upper Campanian early Maastrichtian, Nemegtskaya Svita; Bugin-Tsav 
  *Referred materiall: IGM 100/51 the hindlimbs and remains of the postcranial 
skeleton (lacking the anterior portion); upper Campanian early Maastrichtian, 
?Nemegtskaya Svita; ?Bugin-Tsav locality.
  [IGM 100/20 is also a holotype of Conchoraptor gracilis, IGM 100/51 is a 
referred specimen of Alectrosaurus]
  * - IGM 100/51 could be a new dromaeosaurid but not Adasaurus cause nothing 
common were found within this two specimens. 
According to Currie and Varricchio, 2003
  IGM 100/20: (p. 128).
  IGM 100/22: skull & mandibles with teeth number 4-11-13 (pp. 116,128).
  IGM 100/23: (p. 128).
  [IGM 100/22 is also a specimen of Conchoraptor]
 Look, nothing about IGM 100/51 [O.K. I understand this article is about 
cranial anatomy but+].
   Could someone give me any information about IGM 100/22 and 100/23. May be 
there is something new about Adasarurus at the second edition of the Dinosauria?

P.S. Could someone send me any pictures of Adasaurus? All that I have is the 
illustration from The Dinosauria from the first edition.

Thanks a lot in advance,

email: geramirantsev@mail.ru