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Re: Adasaurus materials

Gera Mirantsev wrote-

>    Could someone give me any information about IGM 100/22 and 100/23. May
be there is something new about Adasarurus at the second edition of the

Don't I wish.  Adasaurus is only mentioned in respect to its pubic boot
morphology, and four sentences of description.  There it's claimed to lack a
skull, though a partial skull is listed in its table entry.  Anyway, here's
the info in its description- elongate caudal prezygopophyses; opisthopubic;
indented anterior ilial margin; reduced cuppedicus shelf that extends on to
broad pubic peduncle; robust hindlimbs; reduced pedal ungual II.  More
information is present in the data matrix of Senter et al. (2004).

> P.S. Could someone send me any pictures of Adasaurus? All that I have is
the illustration from The Dinosauria from the first edition.

There's a photograph of the mounted holotype online I could send you, and a
line drawing of the pubis and metatarsus (both 100/20) in Senter et al.
(2004).  Unfortunately, the Mongolians are keeping a tight lid on photos of
this taxon.

Mickey Mortimer
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University of Washington
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