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Re: Inbreeding and accelarated evolution?

--- Brian Lauret <zthemanvirus@hotmail.com>

> On one hand I think inbreeding might accelarate
> the evolution of new 
> characters, as a mutated gene influencing,say,
> the occurence of 
> paedomorphosis, becomes more and more dominant
> in every generation 

If you think about it, this is similiar to the
situation Mayr advocates in his peripatric
species formation model, wherein a much smaller
subsection of a population on the peripheries of
the main population are the actual 'site' of
speciation.  Even if the organisms are generally
unrelated  and suddenly isolated, each generation
will be more and more closely related.  And if
they've slowly become peripheral and isolated,
then all the better.  Mayr will say that this
peripheral isolation 'frees up' the epigenetic
factors controlling the genome in some
unspecified way.  Perhaps 'inbreeding' can allow
for massive re-organization of the genome.  

Though I think this point might be moot now no,
what with Kimura's neutral hypothesis and how it
affects speciation?

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