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RE: SVP 2004 (talks - Thursday and Friday)

Jaime A. Headden wrote:

Anyways, dinosaurs from the
Kyzylkum at Dzhyarakuduk, mostly from the Bissekty, resemble those of the
Iren Dabasu of northeastern China and the Baynshire of southern Mongolia,
which were closely temporally allied.

Hmmm... I wonder if this will help sort out the relationships of _Itemirus_ and _Alectrosaurus_.

Karen Sears was analyzing rapid development and evolution of chiropteran
wing digits, thereby showing that there needn't be a very recognizable
transition series in the fossil record, the ancestral bat may look like a
proto-lemur or colugo.

This also appeared in New Scientist...
I wonder if a similar thing happened in the evolution of pterosaurs (although in this case, it would just be one finger that was super-elongated). In both proto-bats and proto-pterosaurs, the gliding membrane would have to be extended along with the digits.

(BTW, thanks for these SVP summaries - us stay-at-homers really appreciate them. Give us a bowl of moldy strawberries, and it's almost like we were there.)