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new photos

Dear listees,

I have spent the last two late evenings uploading and captioning over a dozen new photos to my dinosaur web pages. (All the fossils are from privately owned land covered by the Hell Creek/Lance Formations Upper Cretaceous right on the Montana/Wyoming line generally north of Gillette Wyoming.) It is snowing here now so there will be very little more collecting done this winter. They show numerous fossils that have come out of my large bone sites and microsites over the summer. As always, if I have misidentified or not identified something that you are familiar with, I would be grateful if you let me know off list. The link is www.cattleranch.org/pages/730804/index.htm if you are interested. Just copy and paste this link into your browser address window. Don't miss the 5 additional page link buttons on the top of the main dino page. Last time I mentioned this, I received over 150 hits within two days.

Before anyone asks, I do not and will never sell fossils. I eventually will donate the collection to a close by accredited educational institution when I start running out of room. (Which will be pretty soon after I unearth that Triceratop's pelvis!).

(But....first come first serve!) I also have a full 3 gallon bucket of misc microsite stuff (all fossil material) that would mix pretty naturally with brown hardware store sand and make a pretty nice exercise for a beginning paleontology class interested in mixed fauna from the Cretaceous. (It has a little bit of everything including spitter teeth from various vegetarian dinos, turtle pieces, fish scales and numerous misc bone fragments.) You pay the shipping though and it probably weighs 20 pounds. Thanks for your interest.


Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming.