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RE: Eoraptor Paper?

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> Jon Barber
> In "The Origin and Evolution of Dinosaurs" (1997. Annual Review of Earth
> and Planetary Sciences 25:435?489) Paul Sereno refers to the following paper:
> Sereno P. C., Martinez R. N., & Alcober O. 1998. The primitive dinosaur
> Eoraptor lunensis (Dinosauria: Theropoda) and the early evolution of
> Theropoda. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. Supplement 18: In press.
> The same paper is mentioned on page 6 of his Curriculum Vitae at
> http://www.projectexploration.org/newsletters/sereno-cv.pdf where it's
> listed as "in review". This seems to be from early 2002. It's also
> mentioned in http://www.paulsereno.org/paul_cv_03.pdf on page 5, still in
> review.
> In addition, it's stated as being "in press" with a date of 1996 at
> http://www.ischigualasto.org/english/70publicaciones/bibliogeneral.htm
> Has this paper since been published, and if not, does anyone know when it
> will be? What's taking so long?

No, it hasn't been published yet. I guess he is just being VERY thorough...

There was even an interview with Sereno some years ago in Scientific American 
where they mentioned the cover art he was working on.

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