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Re: bat/ptero wing fingers

David Peters wrote:

> , then extended medially to connect first with the elbow then the torso
> employing Jim
> Cunningham's famous fuselage fillet to the upper thigh.

Keep in mind that many others disagree.  I think there were a lot of
species over the years and a lot of room for variation.  I prefer a narrow
wing and limited hindlimb association for most of the bigger pterosaurs,
mostly due to problems with terrestrial mobility, launch, and with some
problematic pelvis/shoulder configurations.  I believe Padian agrees, and
I think Rayner does as well.

On the other hand, Chris Bennett is of the opinion that the evidence is
overwhelming for a narrow wing with a narrow fillet to the ankle in
essentially all pterosaurs.

Unwin and others seem to prefer a broadwing with the trailing edge running
directly from the wingtip to the ankle.

Still others have other opinions, some varying.  I restrict name-naming
herein to those of us who are most vocal in our opinions of planform and
hope that I haven't inadvertently put the wrong words into anyone's