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Re: bat/ptero wing fingers

Jim Cunningham wrote:

On the other hand, Chris Bennett is of the opinion that the evidence is
overwhelming for a narrow wing with a narrow fillet to the ankle in
essentially all pterosaurs.

Unwin and others seem to prefer a broadwing with the trailing edge running
directly from the wingtip to the ankle.

If the evidence is so 'overwhelming', I don't know why these guys don't send 
just _one_ sample to shut me up. I am ready to be converted! And it's that easy.

On the other hand, in Peters 2002, I showed that when you open a wing finger 
with membrane preservation, you can't get a broad membrane from the narrow 
evidence available. Sordes included.


Peters, D. 2002. A New Model for the Evolution of the Pterosaur Wing ? with a 
twist. Historical Biology 15: 277-301.