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re: coelurosauravus revisited

On second thought?

it seems to me (and mind you this has not been tested), but by placing
half of its spars on the leading edge, no matter the dihedral of the
next few butt-jointed one-to-one rib attachment spars, the leading edge,
by virtue of its bundle, will have less of a dihedral. Maybe not much
less. Just less. By having less, a curve is introduced to the chord of
the wing. It also may be true that the shorter spars in the back will
have less of a dihedral. Not much less maybe, again just la bit ess.
Altogether that gives the membrane camber. Perhaps more like a parachute
than a wing, but something to extend the glide or slow the fall
nonetheless. Later generations can perfect the device.

The above can be considered musing or cocktail chatter. If anyone else
wants to pull up a cigar and light up a fattie you're welcome to.

More later,

David Peters
St. Louis