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Re: Denver 2004 SVP remembrances

Hi Mary, No, I never got to meet Elaine, and Gary
wasn't sure if she attended the Meeting. Neither of us
to date knows why SVP chose not to give their official
support to the Symposium, but it was nevertheless an
apparent success, with 92+ attendance from the
community, artists and specialists. I think you're
right about publicity, which would have probably
brought in a bigger audience and would have made
museum visitors aware that there were two, not one,
exhibit areas.
Best Wishes, Mark
--- MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:

> Dear Mark,
> < That was a good summation. I really enjoyed our
> lunch
> together  as well!>
> Yes, great to have buffalo burgers!  I thought it
> was a good meeting,  
> overall.  I had fun, met some new people, and have
> some adventures.   So, that was 
> fulfilling.  
> Did Elaine attend SVP?  I saw her drawings at the
> museum but didn't  see her 
> (but I wouldn't have recognized her anyway).  There
> certainly  seemed to be a 
> lack of communication between SVP and the artists
> show and talks,  despite 
> early indications that there was cooperation.  Mark
> Klingler was  surprised that 
> Ken Carpenter put it in writing on the lists that
> there was no  connection 
> between the two.  
> No word from Pickering nor recaps from George or
> Tracy.  Tracy is  currently 
> in trouble on Vrtpaleo, so he is his own worst
> enemy.
> Best wishes,
> Mary

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