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Re: bat/ptero wing fingers

David Peters wrote:

Just the opposite. Ptero membranes developed distally on a relatively
short finger four as yet another decorative membrane, then extended
medially to connect first with the elbow then the torso employing Jim
Cunningham's famous fuselage fillet to the upper thigh.

Nice story. Where's the evidence?

Evidence can be found in Sharovipteryx and Longisquama.

Assuming you can establish that _Sharovipteryx_ and _Longisquama_ are actually closely related to pterosaurs. Recent analyses tend to put these critters a long way from pterosaurs, phylogenetically speaking.

And yes, of course, as the finger got longer, so did the wing membrane. But it was not
analogous to the Colugo or the Rocket J. Squirrel situation.

Again, I would love to see the hard evidence to back up this "just-so" scenario.