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re: bat/ptero wing fingers

David Peters wrote:

         Just the opposite. Ptero membranes developed distally on a
         short finger four as yet another decorative membrane, then
         medially to connect first with the elbow then the torso
employing Jim
         Cunningham's famous fuselage fillet to the upper thigh.

Tim Williams wrote:

Nice story.  Where's the evidence?

         Evidence can be found in Sharovipteryx and Longisquama.

Assuming you can establish that _Sharovipteryx_ and _Longisquama_ are
actually closely related to pterosaurs. Recent analyses tend to
put these critters a long way from pterosaurs, phylogenetically

>>>>> Tim,  please refer me to your references. And before you do, make
sure they include the higher protorosaurs in their matrix. If they
didn't, the authors danced around the issue. Inclusion is the key. I
think you'll find out that all more recent analyses are not inclusive.

         And yes, of course, as the finger got longer, so did the wing
membrane. But it was not
         analogous to the Colugo or the Rocket J. Squirrel situation.

Again, I would love to see the hard evidence to back up this "just-so"

>>>>>Please see: Peters 2000 and Peters 2002, both published before the
discovery of the posterior of Longisquama. Peters 2000 includes a
cladistic analysis that included all pertinent prior cladistic analyses.
Peters 2002 is the account of the advent of the wing in pterosaurs.
Neither has been argued or trashed using cladistics or photographic
evidence, both of which remain "the only games in town."

Peters, D. 2000. A Redescription of Four Prolacertiform Genera and
Implications for Pterosaur Phylogenesis. - Rivista Italiana di
Paleontologia e Stratigrafia 106(3): 293-336.

Peters, D. 2002. A New Model for the Evolution of the Pterosaur Wing ?
with a twist. - Historical Biology 15: 277?301.

And again at: pterosaurinfo.com. And sorry to others for rehashing this,
but Tim asked for it.

Okay Tim, you owe us a cladistic analysis or two. Hard evidence. Don't
let us down. If you want a copy of either of the above refs, there is an
excommunicated DMLister whose business is to do just that.

David Peters
St. Louis