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RE: The claws of hoatzin and the "Dinosaur renaissance" article

From: Vladimír Socha <Seismosaurus@seznam.cz> Reply-To: Vladimír Socha <Seismosaurus@seznam.cz> To: dinosaur@usc.edu Subject: The claws of hoatzin and the "Dinosaur renaissance" article Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 21:11:58 +0100 (CET)

Good day! I'm writing semestral work from animal ecology, my theme is "Feathered dinosaurs and dinosaur endothermy" (wow, this takes a courage). My source makes about 30 various web sites and so it's quite a mishmash at times. I've got about a hundred questions, and there are few problems I'd really like to help with (there are so many superclever people here, so I dare to suppose it won't be a problem). 1.) Who claimed for the first time, that birds are closely resembled with dinosaurs? Was it E. B. Hitchcock?

That's what Bakker argued in the book _Feathered Dragons: Studies on the Transition from Dinosaurs to Birds_.

2.) What is the most advanced non-avialan Maniraptoriform (standing closest to the clade Avialae)?

By definition (stem-based, anyway), it's all of Deinonychosauria.

3.) Is _Microraptor zhaoianus_ smallest non-avian dinosaur?

Depends on how "avian" is defined, for one thing...

4.) Is there a consensus yet in the actuall taxonomical position of Archie? And in the simple words, is it the basalmost avialan known to the date?

I wouldn't call it a consensus right now, but it may be getting there. *Archaeopteryx* is sometimes the most basal. Other recent contenders for basalmost avialan are *Scansoriopteryx*, *Unenlagia*, and *Rahonavis*.

5.) Is _Protoavis texensis_ taken into account when considering the phylogeny of a feathered theropods?

Generally no.

6.) What, except toothless beak, distinguish Confuciusornithidae from Archie so that it's considered to be more advanced?

The most obvious trait would be the much shorter tail of confucuisornithids.

7.) What's the actuall cladistic placing of Madagascar avialan _Vorona berivotrensis_? Still outside Euornithes?

According to Chiappe's cladogram, it's a basal ornithuromorph.

8.) For which clade is feathery integument a synapomorphy? Maniraptoriformes?

Probably a bit more basal. *Dilong* and *Sinosauropteryx* may be outside Maniraptoriformes. The lack of information either way for feathers in ornithomimosaurs is unfortunate, since they are half the definition of Maniraptoriformes.

9.) Is _Velociraptor_ more advanced than _Deinonychus_ within Velociraptorinae?

No. *Deinonychus* may actually be a dromaeosaurine, not a velociraptorine.

10.) Where to get to the actuall article of R. T. Bakker "Dinosaur renaissance" from Scientific american, April 1975?

The April 1975 issue of Scientific American. :)

Most of the article was reprinted in _The Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs_ in 2000, but unfortunately lacking many of the figures from the original.

12.) How many non-avian dinosaur genera with preserved feathery integument are known to the date? And how many specimens?

About 10. There has been some disagreement on how many genera of Microraptoria there are.

>14.) How closely resembled are the two recognized species of the genus Microraptor, and which are their synapomorphies?

They're close enough that some people think they are the same species.