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Renovations at the Hairy Museum

Just wanted to let you all know that some changes have been quietly taking place at the long-dormant Hairy Museum of Natural History website, at:


Long known for its "Goofy Dinosaurs" trading card series, the HMNH has been infused with new vigor and plans for the future of offbeat natural history.

Of possible interest to the list is the new Library section, where classic literature is made available to the world in HTML form. First up, Edward Drinker Cope's classic 1868-1870 articles on "The Fossil Reptiles of New Jersey." Kangaroo theropods, serpentine mosasaurs, and reverse-elasmosaurs are on display in one of the first articles describing uniquely American Dinosauria.


And just in time for the holidays is a sacrilicious take on ceratosaur cannibalism, "The Story of the Coelophysis Madonna."


Quality silkscreened t-shirts of this heartwarming Triassic icon are also available in our new Paleo-Pop Shop.

Hope you enjoy it!

Matt Celeskey.