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Re: Copeing with mammals

John Bois wrote:

With warmth and feathers, birds can persist in colder climates.  This
might be especially important in incubation, etc.

Two things come to mind. Firstly, pterosaurs (at least some of them) were also endowed with some form of insulatory body covering - as David pointed out. Secondly, it's not entirely true to say that birds were unaffected by the K/T extinction event. The neornithines lived on, and carried the banner of the entire Dinosauria into the Caenozoic. But every other lineage of birds did NOT survive the Cretaceous, including the bountiful Enantiornithes. The neornithines have a very poor Mesozoic record, and the attribution of many late-K avian taxa to this group is shaky.

David Marjanovic wrote:

Unless you are hardline Etheridgian

Well, I like Melissa's music - but I woudn't call myself "hardline".

Oh, Geez.  It should be Eldridgian after Niles Eldridge, who said _all_
speciation follows catastrophies.

Ah, that sounds correct. (Then again, I've never heard Niles sing.)