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Re: Lagerpeton

David Peters (davidrpeters@earthlink.net) wrote:

<Does anyone have the latest on Lagerpeton? I've got the JVP article by
Sereno and Arcucci. Cladistic analysis puts it no where near Marasuchus.>

  1993 is the lastest time it has been treated in such depth. Though
Arcucci (1997) did some work on the Chañares fauna when she described
*Pseudolagosuchus,* not much else that isn't available in, say Currie and
Padian's 1997 _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_ that would otherwise change the
given theories.

  Given the high level of scrutiny being applied here, would it be
possible to get the specifics on these cladistic analyses? Challenges to
recent work would serve to be based on something that can be examined, if
but for the purpose of scientific rebuttal (if the data withstands
scrutiny). In the meantime, was Benton's 1999, Sereno's 1999, and Sereno
and Arcucci's 1993 data incorporated into the database by which such
challenges have come forth?


Jaime A. Headden

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