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Re: Dino/Avian Digit Homology References

On Saturday 27 Nov 2004 21:51, Robert J. Schenck wrote:
> Hi group
> I am wondering if anyone knows the specific
> references to the papers ( I beleive its Gunter
> Wagner or somesuch) that propose the apparent
> discordance between phylogenetic digit loss in
> dinosaurs and ontogenetic digit loss in birds is
> reconciled by a ontogenetic 'frame shift'?

Larsson H C E, Wagner G P, Pentadactyl ground state of the avian wing, 
J Exp Zoo 2002; 294: 146-51

Burke A C, Feduccia A, Developmental patterns and the idenfitication of 
homologies in the Avain hand, Science 1997; 278: 666-68

Hinchliffe R, The Forward March of the Bird-Dinosaurs Halted?, Science 
1997; 278: 596-97



Gautam Majumdar

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