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digits reference

The citation for the Wagner Gauther paper is: 1,2,3=2,3,4: A solution to
the problem of the homology of the digits in the avian hand. Proc Natl
Acad Sci 96:5111-5116 (1999).

There were a series of letters in Science in response to the original 
Burke and Feduccia : Developmental patterns and the identification of
homologies in the avian hand. Science 278:666-668 (1997).

The most recent contribution, which included important new data is Vargas
& Fallon: Birds have dinosaur wings:the molecular evidence. J. Exptl Zool
(mol.dev.evol.) current volume:1-5 (2004). I don't have the precise
volume number but it is available on line.



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