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Re: Tiny tetrapods

Well, there is the phenomenon of "insular dwarfism"...
 Size is often determined by available resources. 
Large continents generally have large amounts of
resources over large ranges, and thus large organisms
can prosper.  Islands are often if not more
resource-poor, quite a bit smaller than a continent. 
Smaller animals, while requiring more food in relation
to their bodysize than larger animals, require less
total resources, and won't eat themselves out of house
and home on an island.

<tommy.tyrberg@norrkoping.mail.telia.com> wrote:

> So the smallest frog, the smallest lizard and the
> smallest bird (Bee 
> Hummingbird) are all Cuban. Being very small is
> apparently a better idea on 
> islands than on continents.
> Tommy Tyrberg

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