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Re: Declining pterosaur diversity

Hi Mike,

<<with the exception of some choristoderans, there wasn't any tetrapod in
the Paleocene that did
> not fall under crown clade _Monotremata_, _Marsupialia_,  _Placentalia_,
_Aves_ (=_Neornithes_), _Crocodylia_, _Lepidosauria_, _Testudines_, or
_Amphibia_ (=_Lissamphibia_), was there?>>

Paleocene mammals include Peligrotherium, a dryolestoidean from Patagonia.
That's very outside.  The Canadian, Chronoperates, is possibly a further
exception.  It was described as perhaps a tritylodontid, but that's not
widely excepted.  I don't know much about the thing, but it's supposed to
have marks on the dentary consistent with the presence of accessory bones.

The Gondwanatherians could also be mentioned.  Then again, more is known
about what they aren't.