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Dromaeo things

I was looking at the Dromaeosaurid specimen preserved
with the Omnivoropteryx sinousaorum specimen in the
Czerkas book.  They attributed it to Cryptovolans, but
I don?t think so.  
If you compare the size and proportions of it to that
of the C. pauli and the M. gui specimens you can see
that they do not match.  The manual proportions are a
bit different too.  The fingers see to short and
stocky.  The foot and leg proportions are different as
well.  These all seem more like the Dave specimen than
Furthermore, if you look around the humerus you can
see the sternal plates.  They are separate from one
another and are the exact shape and size as those of 
Microraptor z.  
The specimen?s preserved elements look to be about the
same size as Dave and possibly the larger specimens of
Microraptor z.   
The separate sternal plates of the specimen really set
tit apart form the Crypto fossils.

Dan S.  
Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable
imperative.  (H. G. Wells: 1866-1946)

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