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RE: Diagnosis of Scelidosaurus?

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> Simon M. Clabby
> I've recently been trying to find a diagnosis of
> Scelidosaurus, but despite trailing through the
> journals, the only half-decent description (and no
> disrespect to those who have published on the little
> bugger) is Owens original in the Liassic Monograph,
> which to be honest isn't the most commonly stocked
> 'periodical' at public libraries.
> Does anybody know why this dinosaur, which has been
> known of since almost the beginning of dinosaur
> studies, has so-far failed to be given a detailed
> diagnosis?
A) Back when it was first described, folks weren't too comprehensive in
writing diagnoses.

B) Later, in the mid-20th Century, a project was begun by Alan Charig to
reprepare the specimen (etching out the bones with acid): this was going to
be one of Charig's projects for his retirement.

C) Dave Norman, who worked with the late Charig in part of the
redescription, is writing up a more complete redescription of the osteology,
starting with Charig's notes. Parts of this have already made it out (e.g.,
the Norman paper in Carpenter's Armored Dinosaurs volume).

Hope this helps,

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