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Re: snake/spider venom

> People commonly fall into the error of thinking of an animal as 
> being its adult
> size. No dinosaur hatched from an egg bigger than a junior-sized 
> soccer ball.
> The smaller ones, even if too big to be snake food as adults, 
> would have
> hatched at even smaller sizes.

Excellent point, the existence of juveniles is often overlooked, and I should 
have made note of that.  However, I still think young non-avian dinosaurs might 
have been a bit large for most Cretaceous snakes, but I do not have records of 
body size estimates for early snakes at my disposal at this moment.  Keep in 
mind that the average body size of snakes is quite small (including the 
supposedly basal boids and similar forms).  Very small maniraptorans would fall 
into an extremely small size bracket as juveniles, however, so a case could be 
made for them as prey items to smaller forms.

--Mike Habib