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Re: Tarbosaurus skin impression

 It was published in 2003. The skeleton of a large
Tarbosaurus at Bugin Tsav was wrecked by poachers but
yielded a skin impression, probably from the thoracic
region. The specimen (MPD107/6A)has a lightly pebbled
surface. The scales are 2.4mm in diameter. It is
similar to a skin impression in a Tarbosaurus
footprint from the Central Sayr.

--- Michael Lovejoy
<michael@palaeoproductions.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:

> Tim Donovan wrote: Sure, Tarbosarus skin impressions
> are known from Bugin Tsav.
> Have these been published and more to the point ,
> what do they look like? I confess I must have missed
> that one completely, but until the alledged T rex
> impressions are published, Tarbosaurus would seem
> the next best thing. More information, please! 
> Regards,
> Michael Lovejoy

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