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Re: nomen conservandum

 --- Mickey Mortimer <Mickey_Mortimer111@msn.com>

> But has the ICZN already ruled stewarti to be the
> type species of
> Cetiosauriscus?  The type species was originally
> Cetiosauriscus leedsi,
> which is based on less complete remains and seems to
> be a macronarian.

Okay, from what I can remember from the papers (the
work is all still in cardboard boxes awaiting

The type species IS Cetiosauriscus stewarti.  The
specimen concerned is BMNH R3078 at the Natural
History Museum in London.  When Woodward (1905)
described it he said it was comparable to a specimen
of Cetiosaurus leedsi.  Huene (1927) renamed BMNH
R3078 Cetiosauriscus leedsi, having identified
sufficiently different features.  I believe
Cetiosaurus leedsi has sunk into oblivion.  I can't
remember which specimen it is, but there were some
pretty crappy bones in there if I remember correctly.

Anyway, Charig (1980 or 1981 - can never remember) for
ICZN reasons proposed that BMNH R3078 be renamed
Cetiosauriscus stewarti (after Mr Stewart, the owner
of the brickyard where the dinosaur was discovered, as
it happens).  I believe that this was because it
couldn't be referred back to anything with the species
name leedsi.  I don't quite understand.

Then, in 1993, I think it was Charig and Chapman (?)
who officially submitted the proposed name change to
the Bulletin, and it WAS accepted.

So, Cetiosauriscus leedsi does not exist. 
Cetiosauriscus stewarti IS the type species of
Cetiosauriscus, and BMNH R3078 is the type specimen of
Cetiosauriscus stewarti.  There has been some debate
over what BMNH R3078 is, but I can categorically tell
you that it is NOT a macronarian.  Do refer back to my
SVP 2003 abstract, and then Wait For The Paper!

Apologies if you were holding your breath waiting for
this.  After a month of being in the new house NTL
(now known as NTHell) have still not connected us to
the internet.  It's getting ridiculous.  Oh, and as
I'm working for the Government at the moment I can't
access this address in working hours.

Hope that helps.  If it makes no sense then I'll try
to reply more coherently at a later date.