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RE: Laura Cunningham address

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> Sent: Saturday, October 02, 2004 12:20 AM
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> Subject: Laura Cunningham address
> Hi List,
> In spite of my best efforts (and T. Holtz's suggestions) I'm
> still haven't
> been able to contact Laura Cunningham, who is one of the paleomammal
> illustrators I want to showcase during my talk at the SVP
> Paleoartist Symposium on Nov.
> 2. Her affiliation is apparently with U. of Texas'
> paleoenvironmental studies.
> I need some career info and slides of her work, especially that excellent
> painting showing Arctodus attacking Bison. Can anyone help with
> this, and Laura,
> where are you?

And, as a follow up, would you let us know if Laura Cunningham's wonderful
illustrations are still on line, and where we can link to them?

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