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New dinosaur diversity articles

This in the latest issue of Geology. . .

David E. Fastovsky,  Yifan Huang,  Jason Hsu,  Jamie Martin-McNaughton,
Peter M. Sheehan, and David B. Weishampel. 2004. Shape of Mesozoic dinosaur
richness. Geology 32: 877-880.


The richness of Mesozoic Dinosauria is examined through the use of a new
global database. Mesozoic dinosaurs show a steadily increasing rate of
diversification, in part attributable to the development of new innovations
driving an increasing variety of behavioral strategies. The data do not
suggest that dinosaurs were decreasing in richness leading to extinction
during the last 10 m.y. of the Cretaceous. Refinement of the dating of
dinosaur fossils, rather than the collection of more dinosaurs, is the best
way to resolve globally the rate of the Cretaceous-Tertiary dinosaur