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Re: New dinosaur diversity articles

--- David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:
> Only if Nemegt and Tsagayan represent the same
> environment. Is this really
> the case?

 Hard to say. The presence of a possible nodosaur in
the Tsagayan suggests a near coastal environment, but
there is also possible sauropod material, and a far
greater variety of hadrosaurs than in the lower, near
marine, Horseshoe Canyon. Or in the upper Xingezhuang,
of probable Nemegtian age.

> > * Hypacrosaurus may have persisted into Hell Creek
> > time but its putative remains are
> stratigraphically
> > low and rare, suggesting that it was on the verge
> of
> > disappearing.
> Why are you trying to do statistics with a sample of
> 1?

 A few possible Hell Creek lambeosaur specimens were
mentioned in The Dinosaria long before Boyd's work.

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