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Re: Charles Knight

birdbooker@zipcon.net (Ian Paulsen) asks:
<< HI: Does anyone know if the works of Charles Knight have been published 
one book? >>

       No, sorry to say. The closest was the now out-of-print _Dinosaurs, 
Mammoths and Cavemen_, by Slyvia Czerkas and Don Glut. Copies of that commonly 
begin at $150 today. Knight's _Life Through The Ages_ and _Animal Drawing_ are 
still in print.
       What needs to be done is scholarly reasearch of his work on an 
artistic rather than a purely paleontological level. His modern animal studies 
neglected as well as are his sculptures. The latter are comparible to the work 
of Barye, the great French sculptor. Knight was one of America's foremost 
"animaliers". Dinosaurs have "typecast" Knight, so to speak. DV