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Re: SVP attendance

on 9/30/04 2:08 PM, Cliff Green at dinonaut@emerytelcom.net wrote:

> Dear List,
> It is that time again. Who's going to be at this years SVP in Denver?
> Also, a friend of mine is looking for roomates for the event. If anyone
> is looking for a couple of people to share hotel expenses, please let me
> know, and I will pass it on.
> Cliff

I suppose now would be as good a time as any to introduce myself to the
list.  I'll be attending the meeting, but I haven't gotten any registration
info in the mail yet.  They just cashed my check so it should be on it's

I also have a piece in the concurrent DMNS PaleoArt show.
(http://www.denverpaleo.com)  I have a sneak peek of it at
This will be my first show and I'm very excited!

Sorry, I can't room with anyone since I already live in Denver.

Tiffany Miller

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