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The Dinosauria 2nd Edition (2004) Just Released

Great news! The Second (and long-awaited) Edition of everyone's favorite paleo reference tome, _The Dinosauria_, (Edited by David B. Weishampel, Peter Dodson, and Halszka Osmólska) is finally available for ordering.

I just saw a hot-off-the-presses copy (references included to May, 2003) and what striking cover art! The well-known Mark Hallett (http://www.hallettpaleoart.com/ ) is the cover artist and his work portrays a number of bird-like feathered dinosaurs as well as some of the more reptilian genre. Unlike the cooler tones and quieter quality of the first cover, this edition is more active and exhibits a warmer, livelier representation of the animals both in color and motion. In fact, this new edition reflects a number of additions, including phylogenetic analysis and the proliferation of bird-like feathered dinosaur discoveries. Check out the cover and ordering info through the University of California Press at : http://www.ucpress.edu/books/pages/2601001.html Although the ordering info cites December availability, I believe there will be copies available sooner and possibly some for view in Denver at the SVP meeting.

The UC Press description cites: "When the The Dinosauria was first published more than a decade ago, it was hailed as "the best scholarly reference work available on dinosaurs" and "an historically unparalleled compendium of information." This second, fully revised edition continues in the same vein as the first but encompasses the recent spectacular discoveries that have continued to revolutionize the field. A state-of-the-science view of current world research, the volume includes comprehensive coverage of dinosaur systematics, reproduction, and life history strategies, biogeography, taphonomy, paleoecology, thermoregulation, and extinction. Its internationally renowned authors--forty-four specialists on the various members of the Dinosauria--contribute definitive descriptions and illustrations of these magnificent Mesozoic beasts."

"The first section of The Dinosauria begins with the origin of the great clade of these fascinating reptiles, followed by separate coverage of each major dinosaur taxon, including the Mesozoic radiation of birds. The second part of the volume navigates through broad areas of interest. Here we find comprehensive documentation of dinosaur distribution through time and space, discussion of the interface between geology and biology, and the paleoecological inferences that can be made through this link. This new edition will be the benchmark reference for everyone who needs authoritative information on dinosaurs."

As an artist-contributor, I was pleased at the large number of contributors (myself included as well as numerous DML and VertPaleo members) acknowledged in the Foreword.

Included were the Chapter reviewers: Paul Barrett, Kay Behrensmeyer, Don Brinkman, Matt Carrano, Luis Chiappe, Brenda Chinnery, Kristi Curry Rogers, Bill Gallagher, Peter Galton, Jacques Gauthier, Mark Goodwin, Jerry Harris, Jason Head, Tom Holtz, Matt Lamanna, Jean Le Loeuff, Teresa Marya´nska, Ralph Molnar, Paul Penkalsky, Xabier Pereda-Suberbiola, Robin Reid, Armand de Ricqlés, Dale Russell, Michael Ryan, Hans Sues, François Therrien, Dave Varricchio, Jeff Wilson, Larry Witmer, and Darla Zelenitsky.

And those who aided in preparing the chapters: Ronan Allain, Andrea Arcucci, Alexander Averianov, Yoichi Azuma, Paul Barrett, Rinchen Barsbold, Mike Benton, Bill Blows, José Bonaparte, Niels Bonde, Brent Breithaupt, Don Brinkman, Angela Buscalioni, José Calvo, José Ignacio Canudo, Ken Carpenter, Matt Carrano, Judd Case, Dan Chaney, Sankar Chatterjee, Karen Chin, Brenda Chinnery, Luis Chiappe, Dan Chure, Jim Clark, Julia Clarke, Julio Company, Clive Coy, Gloria Cuenca Bescós, Phil Currie, Kristi Curry Rogers, Fabio Dalla Vecchia, Kyle Davies, Tom Deméré, Dong Zhiming, Jeff Eaton, Dave Eberth, Naoko Egi, Pat Embree, Bob Farrar, Dave Fastovsky, Tracy Ford, Cathy Forster, Roland Gangloff, Pascal Godefroit, Mark Goodwin, Merrilee Guenther, Joel Hammond, Jerry Harris, Hiroshi Hayakawa, Andy Heckert, Dick Hilton, Tom Holtz, Jack Horner, Jorn Hurum, John Hutchinson, José Iriarte, Tom Jerzykiewicz, Patricia Kane-Vanni, James Kitching, Jim Knight, Dave Krause, Martin Kundrát, Sergei Kurzanov, Antoni Lacasa-Ruiz, Matt Lamanna, James Lamb, Wann Langston, Guy Leahy, Tom Lehman, Tom Lipka, Martin Lockley, Raminder Loyal, Spencer Lucas, Jim Madsen, Makoto Manabe, Ruben Martinez, Niall Mateer, Octavio Mateus, Des Maxwell, Bob McCord, Jack McIntosh, Mason Meers, Christian Meyer, Juan Pablo Milana, Angela Milner, Ralph Molnar, Joachin Moratalla, Darren Naish, Dave Norman, Fernando Novas, George Olshevsky, Francisco Ortega, Jim Parham, Tonya Penkrot, Altangerel Perle, Albert Prieto-Marquez, Oliver Rauhut, Tom Rich, Ruben Rodriguez de la Rosa, Tim Rowe, Bruce Rubidge, David Rubilar, Dale Russell, Michael Ryan, Sven Sachs, Rudyard Sadleir, Steve Salisbury, José Sanz, Anne Schulp, Paul Sereno, Mike Simms, Josh Smith, Tonya Sosa, Ray Stanford, Tom Stidham, John Storer, Hans Sues, Bob Sullivan, Daisuke Suzuki, Masahiro Tanimoto, Darren Tanke, Philippe Taquet, François Therrien, Tony Thulborn, Tim Tokaryk, Khishigjav Tsogtbaatar, Allison Tumarkin-Deratzian, Paul Upchurch, Frank Varriale, Matt Vickaryous, Pat Vickers-Rich, Mahito Watabe, Amy Weishampel, Jim Westgate, Rupert Wild, Mike Williams, Jeff Wilson, Raymund Windolf, Larry Witmer, Xu Xing, You Hailu, Shawn Zack, and Darla Zelenitsky.

- Patti

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