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Re: What's wrong with Jouve's Ctenochasma?

OK....I'll bite...

When I first glanced over the photographs of the specimen, I noticed how low
in number the dentary teeth, or, the empty toothsockets where, at least when
you compare it to the lower jaw in Wellnhofer's book that is certainly
Ctenochasma. Instead, the amount of teeth that would have fitted into these
sockets is a more close match to Gnathosaurus. So, based on tooth count, I
would suggest we have got ourselfs a true lateral view of Gnathosaurus! :)

Also, in the line drawings, the remainder of the sclerotic ring is missed,
but this might be due to the quality of the photgraph and that I am
imagining things here...

Best wishes,

Rutger Jansma