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Re: Dinosaur Decor

Wow! They got him a life size Charlie Mcgrady sculpture, thats pretty sweet!

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> If you'd like to see what the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" team did
> a dinosaur theme for a children's bedroom, see:
> and
> This program was supposed to be broadcast on October 3, 2004 but it was
> preempted by the football game.  According to my local television listing,
> it appears that the show may be seen instead on ABC on Thursday, October
> 2004 at 8 pm Pacific, 7 pm Central.  On the other hand, the schedule has
> been swapped around so many times, I would take this with a grain of salt.
> I haven't seen it yet.
> I was only aware of the show because I had been contacted by my friend,
> Nancy Hadley, to provide a few tidbits of information regarding the
> ecological context for _Daspletosaurus_.  Nancy Hadley was responsible for
> much of the decorative work (including the _T. rex_ skull bas relief)
> a most unforgiving deadline (as is par for the course on this show).  Luis
> Chiappe was the official paleontologist consultant for the project.
> It looks like a fun place for the kids.  And no, I don't wish to start a
> thread on
> the dinosaur mailing list "Regarding Inaccuracies in the Depiction of the
> Dinosauria in Contemporary Household Furniture."  Just see the show, cry,
> laugh,
> and move on.
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