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Re: Feathered tyrannosauroids; it's delightful, it's delicious...

> Distal end of scapula greatly expanded relative to shaft.

Coracoid 70 % the length of the scapula -- isn't that more than in
*Sapeornis* even?

> Three fingered manus, with a very slender metacarpal III.

And a stupidly long phalanx I-1. Metacarpal I is very short, but the thumb
is almost as long as the 3rd finger. Looks... stupid. ~:-|

> Extremely large pubic boot.

Pubis and ischium look like in *Compsognathus*, at least off the top of my

The skull is very reminiscent of *Ornitholestes* and *Proceratosaurus*.

Xu et al. have run a cladistic analysis (dataset of Currie et al. 2003, all
characters treated as unordered; inapplicable characters are present in the
matrix, but NONA, which was used, can deal with them). It can be found in
the Supplementary Information... and here's what the single shortest tree
looks like:

+--*Allosaurus* (outgroup)
         |  `--*Dromaeosaurus*
                     |  `--*Gorgosaurus*
                           |  `--*Tyrannosaurus*

Something tells me they should have included a few more taxa.