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RE: Feathered tyrannosauroids; it's delightful, it's delicious...

> From: owner-dinosaur@usc.edu [mailto:owner-dinosaur@usc.edu]On Behalf Of
> David Marjanovic
> > Extremely large pubic boot.
> Pubis and ischium look like in *Compsognathus*, at least off the top of my
> head.
> The skull is very reminiscent of *Ornitholestes* and *Proceratosaurus*.

Indeed, as well as some other as yet undescribed basal coelurosaurs.

> +--*Allosaurus* (outgroup)
> `--+--*Sinosauropteryx*
>    `--+--*Gallimimus*
>       `--+--+--*Velociraptor*
>          |  `--*Dromaeosaurus*
>          `--+--*Sinovenator*
>             `--+--*Citipati*
>                `--+--*Dilong*
>                   `--+--+--*Albertosaurus*
>                      |  `--*Gorgosaurus*
>                      `--+--*Daspletosaurus*
>                         `--+--+--*Nanotyrannus*
>                            |  `--*Tyrannosaurus*
>                            `--+--*Alioramus*
>                               `--*Tarbosaurus*
> Something tells me they should have included a few more taxa.


Adding it to the latest version of my matrix (okay, I've only gotten the
cranial characters input so far), it comes out as a basal tyrannosauroid
above Stokesosaurus, in a polytomy with  Eotyrannus, and below Dryptosaurus,
another taxon, and Tyrannosauridae proper.

Incidentally, that latest version of the matrix (years more recent than the
one to be released in Dinosauria II) will likely see some light of day in
one or another conference and their volumes next year.

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