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Re: Insane Yixian theropod diversity

> I mean, for Team Theropod it's:
> Beipiaosaurus, Caudipteryx, Cryptovolans, Dilong, Graciliraptor,
> Huaxiagnathus, Incisivosaurus, Microraptor, Protarchaeopteryx,
> Shenzhousaurus, Sinornithosaurus, Sinosauropteryx, Sinovenator,
> and Yixianosaurus ... some of which have multiple species, probably
> forgetting a few (no doubt starting with Sino-), and not even _counting_
> bazillion or so birds that have been found.

You've conflated the two parts of the Yixian Fm, which have different ages.
And you've added the Jiufotang Fm, which is quite a bit younger (source of
*Microraptor* including *Cryptovolans* and many if not most of the birds).

> vs.
> Some Token Herbivores, represented by:
> Hongshanosaurus, Jeholosaurus, Jinzhousaurus, Liaoningosaurus, and maybe
> sauropod fragments.

And *Psittacosaurus* and *Liaoceratops* (again mixing the two faunas, I
think). In addition *Beipiaosaurus* and *Incisivosaurus* were likewise
herbivores, so they fall out of the theropod side of a predator-prey ratio.

> Or is it actually representative of the Yixian fauna? Can we even tell?

At the current state of affairs -- unknown number of diggers, uncoordinated
digging activities, widespread smuggling, far too few scientists to keep up
with the discoveries -- I think we can't tell.